Employee Reviews
Steve and Mischelle

My name is Steve and my wife's name is Mischelle, we are a team at Garrison. I'm a 43-year veteran driver and my wife's a 31-year veteran driver. We have worked for Garrison 14, going on 15 years and don't regret a day of it. The company treats you as a person, not as a number. They offer state of the art equipment, time off if needed, good insurance, 401k plans and bonuses. Most of all the owner of the company is well involved and always has an open door policy when we had a question. We run a LTL run to the north east and back to Salt Lake City, Utah once a week with at last 1 day off.

My wife and I are are lifers working here. The companys runs legal and gives you the miles, not just promises. We have seen drivers come and go, but they come back after finding out the grass wasn't greener on the other side of the fence. If you want to work and get the miles, my suggestion is to apply!


I am a current driver, I have been with Garrison for four years now. Garrison is a fantastic place to work. The employer, and all the employees treat myself and each other with respect and encouragement. We strive to have the best place to work. The equipment is newer and always kept in top shape. If needed, repairs are done promptly keeping the driver in consideration. The pay is great, and the benefits are wonderful. Above that the vehicle themselves are beautiful!


I've been driving with Garrison for 13 years now. Hands down the best company I've been employed with. Everyone is family and they treat you like family -- not just another number -- and everyone knows people by name. All my customers are from Southern California to up North. I've created great relations and friendships with them. Great miles and I'm home weekly. The owner himself takes time to talk to you and have great relationships with his employees. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is happy. Hands down the best place to both start and eventually end my career. Thumbs up!